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420 Kitty Condo For Citizens With A Fetish For Cannabis And Cats

Stoned citizens with a fetish for cannabis and cats don’t need to venture far to track down a piece of designer Kat Kature furniture for their favourite feline. Custom made to meet the needs and desires of colonies devoted to cannabis and cats, the kitty condo has detailed inlays of buds, joints, bong, glass pipe etc. If you play nice with the cats and look closely, you’ll even find places to stash your Hello Kitty rolling tray. What’s more, you can have your cat’s name added to the base of the cannabis-themed kitty condo. Can things get anymore pimped out and dope down in Katstad?!

From rugs to kitty condo

Hollywood Kitty Company takes Kat Kature to new highs, offering a range of the finest custom furniture for cats. The company was founded in 2003 when a carpet company in Los Angeles expanded its rug business into a makeshift pet furniture factory.

For $899 and a wait time of over a year, you can even bring the bar home to your cat with a Martini Condo for feline citizens.

From 420 condo to 420 soap

If you can’t afford a kitty condo, then best you reach for a bar of 420 soap with real marijuana buds inside.

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