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Getting Saucy with Terpenes

There has been a huge movement in the understanding, extracting and refining of cannabis extracts since the movement towards full legalization. Although it is not very clear when and where it first appeared, hash has been consumed for centuries and is thought to be the first form of a cannabis extract or concentrate. The earliest recorded corroboration was published in Cairo in the year 1123CE, accusing the Nizari Moslems of being “hashish eaters”. 

The quest to understand the holy ‘erb along with all her might and glory, has opened up a whole new world for herbalists. From oils to waxes to shatters, the conceptualization of Terp Sauce should come as no surprise to any high flyer who has been keeping an eye on the ever-evolving world of concentrates and extractions!

Also known as weed sauce, herbal sauce, high terpene full-spectrum extract (HTFSE) or simply just SAUCE.

Sauce is a terpene and cannabinoid-rich marijuana extract, it has a deep honey hue and a texture resembling crystalized honey. Essentially cannabinoid ‘diamonds’, or crystals, covered in terpene loaded golden syrup. The texture of sauce is not consistent from one production to the next as the diamonds don’t always crystalize in the same shape or size.  


Terpenes are responsible for the flavours and aromas of all plants, fruits and vegetables; including the reefer. Like cannabinoids, they are volatile; meaning they have a low boiling point and are sensitive towards heat. In a bid to reserve as many of the natural terpenes from the marijuana flower, science buffs and cannabisseurs are constantly thinking of new and exciting ways to express full-spectrum extracts.

Cannabis consumers are conscious! Low-temperature extraction ensures that none of the valuable terpenes, cannabinoids or flavonoids are damaged in the process. These elements are jointly responsible for the Entourage Effect, which is simply a symphony of them all working together to determine just how baked you are about to get. Moreso, it is flavoured and scented by Mary Jane herself! Expect a clean, sensuous smoking experience with deep, rich and natural flavour. 


The process starts by selecting the best quality plants of strains with the desired cannabinoid composition, i.e.: THC rich. The plants are then flash-frozen whole to make a full-spectrum extract, also known as live resin, using a solvent extraction process. Butane or propane are commonly used as they have fairly low boiling points. The solvent is removed by heating the extract just enough for the solvent to evaporate, but leave all the carboxylated (activated) terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids behind in a lush live resin which is free from lipids, fats and waxes. 

The liquid gold is then left alone for nucleation, or to form crystals, in a dark room-temperature corned for a few weeks. The process is also known as ‘diamond mining’, as the cannabinoids form small diamondesque crystals, while the syrup that separates and covers the crystals are terpene and flavonoid rich!


The crystals are separated from the jam-like consistency to ensure the mixture is completely purged of the solvent by using a closed-loop extraction process. The refined elements are then reintroduced and packaged, ready for your enlightenment.

Notably, this process should only be conducted by trained individuals using quality and safety assured equipment in a controlled environment. Butane and propane are extremely flammable and toxic if ingested through a product which has not been properly purged of solvents. To ensure your safety and wellbeing, leave it to the qualified bong buddies!

Lite it up like most other extracts or concentrates. However, it is recommended to use an E-rig, vaporizer or vape pen to ensure accurate temperature control for the best possible experience.

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Ganja-glutens be warned! Sauce is an extremely potent extract and should be approached with caution, start off low and work up to a quantity that gives you the desired high.



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