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A Stoner’s Guide to the Dagga Dispensaries of the East City and District Six in Cape Town

Gone are the days of dodging police vans when you hear a siren and scoring “tarri” or “majat” from the corner rastas on Buitenkant! Stoned citizens of Cape Town and the East City can now safely and legally get their desired stash from the licensed and reputable dagga dispensaries that opened shop in the District Six area.

Since when is dagga legal in South Africa?

Cannabis in South Africa has been decriminalised by the country’s constitutional court for personal use by adults in private. The country is moving towards fully legalising Cannabis in the near future. It seems cannabis is posed to become a major South African export. This has led to a large variety of Weed Clubs, Dispensaries, and health stores selling dagga to the public. However, there are still many uncertainties, ambiguities, and myths as far as the law is concerned.

Nonetheless, we are ecstatic to see more and more cannabis dispensaries opening around town, bringing every type of cannabis-infused product imaginable to cannabis enthusiasts, including flower, pre-rolled joints, single-use vape pens, edibles, drinkables, tinctures, balms, and so much more. 

Welcome to the Stoners’ Paradise of Cape Town

With a wide range of restaurants to satisfy your stoner munchies, a number of beloved dive bars and counterculture nightclubs, and no less than three Medical Cannabis Dispensaries having opened shop since the start of 2023, the East City and District Six area is fast becoming the stoners’ paradise of Cape Town.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, you can easily and reliably meet all of your weed needs at one of the dope dagga dispensaries located in the East City.

The Green Mill

The first to open shop in the East City area, The Green Mill caters to a discerning clientele seeking the finest organic cannabis. The quaint two-story dispensary and coffee shop located right next door to Roxy’s on Dunkley Square, offers an elevated atmosphere where enthusiasts can explore and indulge in the world of cannabis discreetly and with style. In addition to its exceptional cannabis selection, The Green Mill offers a meticulously crafted coffee experience and believe that the perfect cup of coffee can enhance and complement your cannabis experience. Read and sign their membership agreement to reap the rewards.

Sensiva Medical Cannabis

With four years of hands-on experience in the Dispensary and Cannabis Club market, Sensiva Medical moved from Woodstock and opened a shop on Harringtons Street in February 2023. Hip as they come, the store’s Budtenders are super friendly, highly knowledgable, and always eager to assist, no matter how happy and stoned they might appear. Book a consultation with their medical expert and receive the highest quality of help and health one can get!

Green & Purple Medical Cannabis

Open from 10am to 10pm, Green & Purple Medical Cannabis brings convenience to the doorstep of stoners who reside in the neighbouring apartment blocks located on Roeland and Buitenkant Street. The traditional medicine shop opened in June 2023, providing friendly service and a variety of high-end cannabis products on a monthly membership basis. Become a member for only R100 per month and Bob’s your uncle!

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