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Marijuana Wedding Bouquets For Stoned Brides

As marijuana weddings are becoming the new standard for stoned citizens tying the knot, a new wedding weeding trend is popping up! Bridal bouquets with marijuana buds tucked amid the roses of are made for brides who choose to make weed an integral part of their wedding.

History Of The Bridal Bouquet

The origin of the bridal bouquet dates back to Roman times, where brides carried flowerless bouquets. Those days, they were made of herbs, grain and spices. Pretty potent on the nose, the smell of the wedding bouquet was supposed to banish evil spirits in order for the couple to live happily ever after. Grain was a crucial element of the bridal bouquet, as the Romans believed that grain symbolised fertility.

In Queen Elizabeth times fragrant herbs and abundant grains like garlic and sheaves of wheat were symbolic wedding flora, along with flower garlands worn by both bride and groom. The bridal bouquet is traditionally selected by the groom, who then hands it to the bride when he picks her up on their wedding day.

Tossing the bouquet

Another tradition that has survived to this day is the bouquet toss. Many moons ago, it was considered good luck to touch the bride on her wedding day. All the single ladies would caress the wedding dress, hoping that a bit of the bride’s good fortune would rub off on them. Some single women would even go as far as to try and take home keepsakes of the bride’s wedding dress. To escape, the bride would often toss the wedding bouquet and run.

Picking A Bouquet

Some brides pick a wedding bouquet that matches their favorite colors, whereas others choose the flowers that best represent their hopes and wishes for the future. Whatever dope dreams you have for your bridal party, these marijuana bouquets will make them come true!

Eucalyptus, Wildflowers and Marijuana bouquet

The buds nestled between the flowers of this wedding bouquet resembles a King Protea, the name stemming from its resemblance to a crown. Known as Purple Princess, this delicate Indica /Sativa strain makes you want to socialize and laugh as it brings euphoria on its purple buds.

Purple Haze Bouquet

Discreetly placed in between the flowers and fillers, the buds in this bouquet will keep any bride cool, calm and relaxed. The bridal bouquet was created for an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding by Irie Weddings & Events, a Denver-based florist specializing in pot-infused weddings. The company also offers boutonnieres, or as they like to call it “budonniere” from grooms.

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