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Only Some American Citizens Say It Would Be Better If People Used Marijuana Instead Of Alcohol

The not-so-stoned citizens of America think it’d be a better world if people switched to marijuana and drank less alcohol, according to a new poll.

The YouGov survey revealed that of the Americans who partook, twenty-seven percent agreed that it’d be ideal if people used more cannabis instead of booze, whereas 20 percent said that would be a bad idea.

However, most respondents (38 percent) said it would be neither good nor bad, and an additional 15 percent said they weren’t sure.

What’s wrong with humans?! But then again, we are dealing with the #TrumpNation here, so why am I even surprised? I take it back!

What’s wrong with Americans?

While there’s been ample discussion about the pros and cons of alcohol versus cannabis, marijuana advocates have been quick to point out that liquor is strongly associated with long-term health issues and people can die from alcohol poisoning.

In contrast, there are no recorded deaths attributed solely to a marijuana overdose—by the federal government’s own admission—and the plant’s compounds have been shown to be medically beneficial for a number of health conditions.

The demographic breakdown of the poll, which involved interviews with 10,412 Americans on February 28, found that Democrats were more likely to say that making the switch to marijuana from alcohol would be good (34 percent), compared to Republicans (18 percent) and independents (27 percent).

People aged 30-44 were the most likely to say cannabis substitution would be good (34 percent), whereas just 17 percent of those 65 and older said the same.

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Regardless of public opinion, it does appear that states, where cannabis is legalized for adult use, are seeing a stronger trend toward marijuana sales over time.

For example, Massachusetts and Illinois are officially collecting more tax revenue from marijuana than alcohol, state data released last month shows.

A 2019 report separately found that the number of drunk-driving accidents in Idaho decreased following the legalization of cannabis in neighboring Washington State.

I’m still unsure why most respondents would say it would be neither good nor bad. Perhaps they’ve never had a spliff? Or they are unsure who to vote for and blindly pick a clown? Who knows? It’s America, the land of the free after all…

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1 Comment

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