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Survinging Black Friday With Bone Broth For Breakfast

We all need some bone broth for breakfast to make one last push to see in the new year, don’t you think? It’s been a long journey, but we’re almost there! Ending on a high, the Harvest Table delivers a health-centric message to potential health freaks who may have harboured curiosity about the range of products without committing to purchase, by offering massive discounts on selected products.

Regardless of the economic hardship and sad state of financial affairs, many South Africans believe that Black Friday is the ideal time to spend their limited money on everything other than their health. The growth of e-commerce has resulted in a significant increase in so-called sales and no real deals on Black Friday, but for financially struggling citizens, this shopping event is the highlight of the year.

In light of this, Harvest Table share safety tips as Black Friday approaches:

Plan Ahead

Enjoy the festive spirit of the holidays without the stress of last-minute gift shopping in December by taking advantage of the amazing deals during the Black Friday weekend. 

Stay vigilant against marketing tricks

Many companies advertise their Black Friday offers as incredible deals, but oftentimes, the savings may not be substantial. Familiarize yourself with the price history of the products you’re considering to make sure you’re getting a genuine discount and not falling for mere “marketing hype”.

Shop with purpose.

Compile a list of essential products that you require. Keep to your list and practice self-control to avoid indulging in unnecessary items during your shopping experience.

Support Local

Use this opportunity to support local, smaller businesses. Small businesses often don’t have the same margins as bigger retailers so when you see local businesses offering discounts, seize the sale. 

Escape the burden of buyer’s remorse by utilizing our Black Friday consumer tips to benefit your family’s health and pave the way to a successful start to the new year.

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What is the Harvest Table?

The Harvest Table is a family-run business in KwaZulu-Natal founded by Catherine Clark. It offers a wide range of collagen products and is passionate about helping people achieve better health through nutrition.

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