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5 Herbs To Grow On A Green Roof

Add urban agriculture to your landscaping résumé by growing your own herbs on a green roof. Many of the most common culinary herbs happen to survive in dry, rocky places, making them ideal candidates for a city rooftop or sundrenched terrace. Generally speaking, most green roofs can be less than 6 inches/15cm deep. The dept of the growing space is one of several important factors to consider before picking herbs to plant on a green roof. Not all herbs will flourish in shallow soil, let alone the extreme and unpredictable forces of nature that come with rooftops. Intense heat, gale force winds, icy conditions and very shallow soil all come to play in the life of a herbal roof plant. Wind, for instance, dries the leaves, and if they are not watered at least once a day in the summer, the plants will die.

The following garden herbs are low-growing, wide-spreading groundcovers. Just like outdoor marijuana plants, they can withstand tough conditions and without a doubt add some spice to your next gastronomic lockdown concoction.

5. Thyme

The rooftop carpet to a luxurious aromatherapy bed for rooftop sunbathing. hymus vulgaris is the standard garden variety of thyme that loves the sun and also tolerates being walked upon. Best part? I can be harvested on demand for the kitchen!

4. Rosemary

Apart from seasoning dishes, this evergreen herb is commonly used as ornamental plantings in the landscape. Rosemary plants thrive in warm, humid environments and cannot take extremely cold temperatures. provide them with well-drained, sandy soil and at least six to eight hours of sunlight and watch them flourish.


Flavoring everything from dips to fish, dill grows best in full sun. Other than this, dill will grow happily in both poor and rich soil or in damp or dry conditions. Both the leaves and seeds of dill weed plants are edible, making it a versatile herb to use in a variety of dishes.


Don’t have green fingers? Plant some chives! They are pretty, edible, and by far the easiest herb to grow in just about any environment. Chives prefer soil that is not too wet or too dry and loves strong light, making them one of the best herbs to grow on a green roof. The flowers are edible and can also be used in flower arrangements. Ticking all the boxes, chives are versatile and can be used in ANYTHING you can think of. Don’t believe us? Sip on this savoury herbaceous cocktail and start planting.


Will mint grow everywhere? Highly probably! Most varieties of mint are easy to grow in various settings and thrive in full sun and moist but well-drained soil. With over 600 strains, there are some vigorous and invasive spreaders of mint varieties out there. If not controlled, mint can take over the entire herb bed of your green roof and keep on growing. If you reach for the remote when someone says “high maintenance”, then mint will be your best bet when growing herbs on a green roof.

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