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The KAT KULT Presents: The Krismas KAT KIT

The Krismas KAT KIT is the first KAT KIT to feature in the KATALOGUE of the KAT KULT.

This KAT KOOL Christmas kit for cat worshippers is a once-off miracle and limited to only a few, #meow.

The Krismas KAT comes in a reusable KAT KULT branded bag. What’s inside? It’s a secret, #meow, only to be revealed once the last KAT gets delivered.

Talk on the street suggests it’s filled with a collection of custom-crafted Krismas KAT ornaments and decorations for the tree. It also comes with a selection of jolly treats and merry toys for both cats and humans. All items are locally sourced and made in South Africa.

Oh PUSS!! Did I just let the cat out of the bag?!

Make the KAT

Cat extremist and feline admirers need to jump if they want in on the KAT. Only 50 custom-to-cat KRISMAS KAT KITS are on offer to the public. The KAT-OFF for orders is 22 November 2021.

Get a KAT | discount


  • 1 x Krismas Kat Kit @ R420
  • 2 x Krismas Kat Kit @ R700
  • 3 x Krismas Kat Kit @ R840


The Krismas KAT KIT is only available to the citizens of South Africa. ALL prices exclude delivery.

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Claim your Krismas KAT

To get your paws on a Krismas KAT KIT, contact the KATTERATI for further details and place your order.

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