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3 Reasons To Include Marijuana In Your Exercise Routine

Marijuana is a way of life for many stoned citizens, but how often do people incorporate the magical herb and its proverbial high in their excersise routine? Getting your heart pumping is already a giant first step when it comes to exercise. Pair it with your first love and the results might surprise you. Taking a hit from your favour strain before a workout is a great way to take your fitness to the next level and experts agree. Here are 3 reasons why you should include Marijuana in your exercise routine.

1. Banish Performance Anxiety

Workouts can be stressful and can take a heavy toll on your mind. While exercise is therapeutic and restorative, cannabis offers a lot of benefits for mental health and stress management to can help banish performance anxiety and ease your mind.

2. Manage Pain

Marijuana is one of the best natural pain killers on the planet, making it an excellent way to work around any injuries and keep pushing towards your goals.

3. Post-workout Recovery 

If you want to build muscle, become stronger, or increase your cardiovascular endurance, you need to rest. Aside from stretching after a workout, you should eat well and of course consume quality dagga to let your CNS and muscle tissue recover and recuperate. Combining all of this with the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis will make for a powerful post-workout routine.


Whether you’re a morning jogger, pilates junky, or gym bunny, experts say working out while you’re high on weed can help you exercise more effectively, more often, and even more joyfully. Lighters up!



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