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5 Mindblowing Facts About Cannabis Caviar

Have you ever wondered about the most expensive cannabis strains in the world? Turns out Cannabis Caviar is in the lead, offering users the best that money can buy!

“What is cannabis caviar?” you might ask. First of, this is not your grandpa’s pot. Cannabis Caviar kicks butt (excuse the pun). It’s made by soaking marijuana buds in a potent stain of hash oil. This is a time-consuming process, as the oil-soaked marijuana buds can take several weeks to dry out.

The saying “patience is a virtue” rings true and the result is potent! The process increases THC content to a staggering 91%. This, along with the hybrid’s hefty price tag, should serve as a warning: APPROACH WITH CAUTION!

To shed some more light on this gift straight from Jah, here are five facts about Cannabis Caviar that will blow your mind.

It’s extremely slow burning

One of the advantages of cannabis caviar is that it extremely slow burning, making it ideal for medical cannabis users looking for a huge hit if THC over a long period of time. 

It’s sometimes called Moon Rocks

“Cannabis caviar” may refer to moon rocks, or it may just refer to budheads covered in cannabis oil. In other words, cannabis caviar must be covered in kief to be considered Moon Rocks. Covering the bud in kief before the oil drys is a vital step when making Moon Rocks.

It originates from a hip-hop mixtape colab

The origin of Cannabis Caviar can be traced back to a mixtape project between former Death Row Records executive vice president-turned-marijuana mogul Kurupt and music artist Dr. Zodiak. The duo met in 2013, and quickly went from collaborating on a mixtape to launching the first line of branded Moon Rocks.

Caviar Gold claims to be the strongest  weed in the world

One of the name brand Cannabis Caviar companies on the market is called Caviar Gold. They claim that their unique product is the world’s strongest. There secret behind their success? High quality indoor bud that’s infused with oil all the way down to the stem. 

Cannabis Caviar’s worst enemy is a grinder

You can consume the potent cannabis bud just about every way you’d like. Glass rigs and pipes, seems to be the preferred method when it comes to smoke it. You can also break it up, sprinkle it on top of ground bud and roll it into a blunt/joint. Whatever you do, don’t put Cannabis Caviar in a grinder, unless it’s an expensive grinder. The texture is way too sticky and greasy for that!



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