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#GlassofIG: The 10 Best Halloween Glass Rigs To Inspire You For All Saints’ Eve

Red Headed Halloween Clown with Purple Smoke in a warehouse
By Tom Roberts on Unsplash

With Halloween around the corner, we wanted to share our list of the 10 Best Halloween inspired #GlassofIG Rigs to Inspire you for All Saints’ eve. The popular Instagram hashtag is used by glassblowers across the globe.

Glassblowing is a glass-forming technique that involves inflating molten glass into a bubble, or parison, with the aid of a blowpipe. Molten glass is viscous enough to be blown and gradually hardens as it cools down. A full range of glass blowing techniques was developed within a decade of its invention. These are made up of two major categories; free-blowing and mould-blowing.

Modern-day Halloween customs are said to have originated from an ancient Celtic harvest festival. With great Gaelic, Celtic and Christian influence All Saints’ Eve has also been influenced and adapted with its spread to North America.

#GlassofIG Jack O' Lantern with a sinister smile and smoke coming out of him
By Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash

It does not matter how you decide to celebrate Halloween, have a look at our top choices of the Best #GlassofIG to inspire anybody to get creative this Allhallowe’en!

Voodoo Owl Doll

#GlassofIG Made by Calmbo and Muller Glass for Youngzkittlez’s highly admired collection.

The Voodoo owl has reference to Marinette the loa of power and violence in Haitian Voudo. She is represented by the screech owl and is believed to be the protector of werewolves. Her favourite offerings are black pigs or black roosters, who have been plucked alive in her honour.

Chappy Raptor

#GlassofIG Made in Japan by Elbo Glass and AquariusT housed among the artsy collection of collector THC_Samuel.

The Chappy Raptor resembles a character based on a wascawwy wabbit (rascally rabbit) coming back as some sort of hybrid Bugs Bunny meets T-Rex Frankensteinesque monster. Perhaps to take vengeance on his life long hunter; Elmer Fudd. Or perhaps a beloved pet who has returned from a short visit at the Pet Semetary!

Pimp My Ride

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Whatever fuels your ride make sure you’re filling the tank. #weirdfuel #takeatrip #impmyride @pakohwuzhere X @saltglass Available for road trip 📸 by @salteyelens

A post shared by saltglass (@saltglass) on

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#GlassofIG Made by Salt Glass and Pakohwuzhere.

What seems to resemble a giant worm-like monster, using a vintage VW Kombi as a bulletproof vest! The 1990 American horror film; Tremors, tell the story of this murderous human-flesh-hungry beast tearing the small desert town of Perfection, Nevada apart!

Not-so-Tin Man

#GlassofIG Made by Bug Glass for WitchDrX for a Halloween themed show in Salem.

This piece looks like a Halloween themed ode to the Tin Man from the 1939 American musical-fantasy movie; The Wizard of Oz! Perhaps this not-so-tin man decided to dress for the theme, but way too cute to resemble any form of a horror film character.

Stay Puft

#GlassofIG Made by Ethan Windy for Kloud9Official.

A goofed Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the 1984 American Supernatural film; Ghostbusters! Playing of in New York City Stay Puft is a large white humanoid made up of conjoined marshmallows. He is conjured-up as a manifestation of the Sumerian god Gozer to destroy the world, in a battle with the ghostbusters.   

Patchwork Eeyore

#GlassofIG Made by Smart Glass and Muller Glass for Chris Bruce’s collection.

A suicidal voodoo doll version of the pessimistic and anhedonic old grey donkey; Eeyore from A.A. Milne’s Winnie The Pooh. Something tells me Eeyore is done losing his tail and perhaps Christopher Robin should steer clear, in case this donkey wants to pin a tail on him!

Pincushion Mickey

#GlassofIG Made by Smart Glass and Muller Glass and forms part of YoungZkittlez’s collection.

If Jason Mickey won’t haunt your dreams, perhaps a pincushioned voodoo doll of Mickey Mouse will do the trick! There is no escaping voodoo, once a spell has been cast on an effigy with your likeness you too might end up with a button for an eye!

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Shorty the Killer Klown

#GlassofIG Made by Kaleb Folck along with Northernstar Glassworks and was scooped up by Mke Mcdowell.

If you suffer from coulrophobia, that is the irrational fear of clowns(!), then Shorty from Killer Klowns from Outer Space has surely haunted your nightmares before! The green-haired ‘Klown’ from this 1988 sci-fi horror comedy film is one of a posse of evil aliens who came to earth to capture, kill and harvest the human race for sustenance!

Jack the Voodoo Pumpkin King

#GlassofIG Made by Muller Glass as a tribute to one of his favourite childhood movies.

Jack Skellington from the 1993 Halloween movie; The Nightmare Before Christmas, is the supernatural Pumpkin King of Halloween Town. Not exactly a scary character, but Jack did nearly destroy Christmas before he proofed to be a good guy after all.

Check out these amazing artist’s Instagram pages for some seriously cool, initiative and mind-altering #GlassofIG that is out there! 

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