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All You Need To Know About Lamb’s Bread

One would imagine recipes of lamb dishes popping up when surfing the web for “lamb for stoners” but surprisingly that is not the case. Lamb’s Bread, sometimes (mistakenly) called Lamb’s Breath, is a strain of medical marijuana, popular among citizens looking to relieve symptoms associated with chronic stress and depression.

Origin of Lamb Bread

This plant has origins in Jamaica and it is believed to have been one of the favourite strains of Bob Marley.

Look and Smell

Growers say Lamb’s Bread has bright green buds that are sticky and dense. As for the nose, while some connoisseurs might disregard the smell of Lamb’s Bread because of the lack of sweet, citrus or earthy notes, it still carries scents that non-stoners would like. Spicy, cheesy and skunky scents with hints of wood dominate; think Bubba Kush, but with less chocolate and coffee and more spice.

Effects and Benefits

Citizens familiar with medical marijuana know Lamb’s Bread as a sativa strain known to provide energetic and uplifting effects. It’s a great daytime smoke for potheads at work and medical patients alike. The sativa is great for exhaustion, stress, anxiety and headaches, as well as for amplifying creativity and decreasing social inhibitions.

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