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Marijuana Manners: a list of customary cannabis codes of conduct

Photo by Jeff W on Unsplash
Photo by Jeff W on Unsplash

Mind your marijuana manners and do not kill the vibe at a smoke sesh with this list of customary cannabis codes of polite behaviour for stoned citizens. 

With the COVID pandemic still gleaming in the peripheral, remember when people zoll they put saliva on the paper. Be responsible and stay safe! 

The effect of the legalization of cannabis has created a need to discuss stoner etiquette. Here are our top 15 tips for conducting your high self amongst fellow ganja aficionados at a baking session.

Photo by Grav on Unsplash
Photo by Grav on Unsplash
  1. Be approved
    Do a courtesy check to make sure everyone is comfortable with you smoking spliff around them. Perhaps they don’t partake, maybe they don’t want to smell of burning bush or be exposed to second-hand smoke. Yes, contact-high is a real thing!
  1. Abide by the house rules
    Respect the venue and treat the space as you want others to treat yours and be mindful of the rest of the attendees.
  1. Don’t be pushy 
    Respect and honour when someone declines the toke or decides they have had enough, nobody likes a bully. Besides, it means more of the good stuff for you!
  1. Beware of the Munchies
    Also been sited as involuntary mouthslaughter or the classic puff-n-stuff. It is the phenomenon when the cannabinoid; THC, stimulates the olfactory bulb in the brain. Your sense of smell and taste is heightened and your stomach is tricked into thinking you are hungry, even when you are not.
  1. Sharing is caring
    Proffer pot if you have to spare and receive the same when you are there.
  1. Don’t be a hero
    If you know you absolutely can not roll a smokeable joint or operate a bong or rig, ask for help instead of wasting weed! Take the opportunity to learn a new skill if someone is willing to teach you.
  1. Roller’s Right
    The roller of the joint or the packer of the bowl has the option to spark up their creation or bestow the honour upon their guest.
  1. Herbage Habits
    When lighting up a bong, direct your flame to the rim of the bowl as not to burn the entire green surface, leaving some of the dank goodness for the next person.
  1. Puff, Puff don’t Pass
    Feeling under the weather? Rather don’t share joints or smoking devices! 
  1. Check the smoke
    Be aware of those around you, exhale your smoke away from people and kill the roach properly to not annoy your neighbour with dwindling smoke.
  1. It’s to the left, right?
    When sharing a joint or device stick to a directional rotation, that way nobody gets left out and you are not caught wondering who’s next.
  1. Keep it moving
    Bogarting is seriously frowned upon. Have a drag or two and move it along to your anticipating neighbour. Be sure to ash that joint before you pass it on.
  1. Salivating?
    Your canna-comrades will be greatly appreciative if you kept it to yourself! Nobody wants to put a soggy joint to their mouth.
  1. Do not mess with the playlist
    The host is in charge of the music unless you have been tasked with taking care of adding tracks to the queue. Keep the tunes mellow and in line, big changes to the music can ruin the vibe!
  1. Avoid being a buzzkill
    Keep the conversation light and joyous, the mood can quickly turn sombre with a morbid story. Enjoy the inebriated stated without constantly trying to tell folks how high you are or establishing just how high they are.  
Photo by LexScope on Unsplash
Photo by LexScope on Unsplash

These rules are a basic guideline to stoner etiquette, people are not the same, and rules are meant to be broken. Be sure the participants are comfortable and enjoy the moment to connect with dopeheads!

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