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Muscle Recovery – How fourfive CBD Oil Can Ease Pain And Inflammation Associated With Low Impact Exercise Recovery

fourfive CBD Orange Flavour Oil

Gearing up for a work out is not the same for everybody, some athletes train for hours every day – others, like me, rely on an hour long pilates session to tone our bodies. Regardless of how much (or is it many?) you can “lift”; everybody has experienced the discomfort and pain that sets in shortly after. We investigate just how CBD can help mitigate the pain associated with muscle recovery. 

Pain Related To Muscle Recovery

Although CBD is legal in a few countries around the world, athletes have notoriously been tested for mairjuana and disqualified from sports events following positive results. We take a look at how one Proudly South African company is working to change the stigma around CBD and why medical marijuana matters. I am a 30-year-old; dedicated to an hour looong pilates session once a week and this is how fourfive CBD influenced my muscle recovery.


Muscle Recovery after Lifting

When we do physical exercises, even low-impact training like pilates, our muscle tissue suffers routine microscopic damage so it can build itself back up again; stronger than before! The muscle tissue damage triggers the immune system to mend the injury, there is a fluctuation in hormone and enzyme levels and inflammation actually increases in the affected area. Regular exercise, paired with a recovery strategy, will lead to reduced inflammation, enhance cardiovascular health, muscle growth, fat loss and improved insulin sensitivity. Ultimately building a better body!


Stretch on Yoga Matt

Allowing your body to recover after exercise is as important as the actual heavy lifting, so to speak. A recovery strategy should be seen as a preventative measure, rather than a cure for sore muscles. Everybody’s recovery regime is different, as it would be greatly impacted by the extent of your training and what your personal preferences are. I recently decided to supplement my wellness routine with CBD oil to mitigate the discomfort and pain I experienced after my regular hour-long pilates session. 


Low Impact Training

Pilates is a low-impact physical exercise system that involves precise movements and specific breathing techniques to boost strength, improve postural alignment and enhance flexibility. The training routine was developed by Joseph Pilates early on in the 20th century, as a result of the exercise culture that was prevalent during the late 19th century. A pilates workout routine would typically be made up of a sequence of controlled movements; focussing on breathing, alignment, developing a strong core and improving coordination and balance. Pilates appeals to a wide variety of people with ranging body types and fitness levels – as the different exercises can be modified in a range of difficulties, from beginner to advanced. The system is easily adjustable to achieve specific goals or to accommodate individuals with limitations.


fourfive CBD Orange For Muscle Recovery

More formally known as Cannabidiol, CBD is the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving cannabinoid responsible for mitigating inflammation and relieving the discomfort associated with muscle recovery. CBD oils and tinctures can be administered orally, whereas topicals like lotions and balms can be applied directly to the affected area. Cannabidiol is a powerful anticarcinogenic, has the power to heal and regenerate the Central Nervous System, prevent nausea and increases appetite, alleviate anxiety, and reduce seizures. CBD is completely non-addictive with little to no commonly reported side effects and unlike its psychotropic cannabinoid counterpart THC, CBD will not get you High

fourfive CBD for Muscle Recovery

fourfive CBD

fourfive CBD was an excellent choice to add to my recovery schedule, the MCT oil-based tincture provides all the benefits of high-quality CBD isolate. The fourfive CBD range is produced from 100 per cent natural ingredients, the vegan-friendly tinctures contain no herbicides, pesticides, additives or preservatives. The CBD is extracted using a supercritical CO2 method to ensure only the highest-quality CBD isolate is used to produce fourfive products. The 500mg hemp oil has an easy to dose spray head atomizer that makes it a perfect on-the-go CBD solution for anybody, regardless of how strenuous your exercise regimen may be. Each 30ml bottle of fourfive CBD Oil contains ~240 sprays, which means each spray has a 2 mg CBD dosage. 


CBD Medical Marijuana

CBD isolate is a crystalline powder form of the cannabinoid, it is the purest available form of CBD that is virtually tasteless and has no distinct smell. The extract contains absolutely no THC; or any cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, waxes or lipids for that matter, only CBD! It is widely believed that CBD isolate extracts are the most effective way to consume CBD. Cannabidiol is delivered directly to the bloodstream after being absorbed by the mucous membranes, completely bypassing the digestive system. 


fourfive CBD Mitigates Muscle Recovery

The fourfive brand was inspired by the life and times of two career rugby players, Dom Day and George Kruis collectively have 24 years of experience playing the sport they so love. If anybody understood the importance of muscle recovery, this duo has experienced the ups and downs of leading an active lifestyle. They have an inside perspective of what it is like to constantly put their bodies through rigorous physical training, and the importance of sticking to a recovery strategy. The fourfive CBD product range is a good addition to anybody’s recovery plan, regardless of how strenuous or low-impact their exercise routine may be. 

Pilates Lifestyle

My revised recovery strategy…who am I kidding? My first attempt at a recovery strategy was drafted. Haunted by the memories of the muscle soreness I often experienced after a pilates workout, I planned to take muscle recovery seriously. The plan was simple; increase my intake of good old fashioned H2O, introduce fourfive CBD oil to my daily wellness routine and give my body the downtime it needs to recover. 

It is important to mention that because we all have unique endocannabinoid systems, CBD interacts differently with each one of us. You should consult your doctor if you are worried about any underlying medical issues or if you rely on any chronic or over-the-counter medicines. 

Work Out Session

At the beginning of July, I embarked on an exploratory journey that included routinely having a dose of orange flavoured fourfive CBD oil under my tongue, for about 30 seconds at a time. The spray head atomizer makes it so easy to administer a perfect dose of the deliciously flavoured oil, every time. I kept my bottle of fourfive CBD in my stashbox, to make sure I stuck to my recovery schedule. I doubled my daily dosage on days I had pilates, something I would not advise unless you have consulted your healthcare provider ofcourse.

One week into my new CBD enriched wellness and recovery regime I found myself more productive than the week before. I noticed that my normally scattered brain was calmer than normal, so much so I managed to sort out and prioritize my chaotic to-do list. My first pilates session was followed by a fairly familiar reminder as to why I started this journey in the first place.

CBD For Muscle Recovery


By the time the second week came around I was enjoying the calming effects of the CBD, I had a skip in my step. I found myself significantly less apprehensive about the muscle recovery I was going to experience after my workout. In Fact I only really thought about it the day after, when I wondered why I had not yet felt my body healing itself. Later on that evening I did have a slight tingle across my abdomen, but milder than normal. 

I only thought about muscle recovery again when I was getting ready for my next pilates session. The placebo effect is a real phenomenon and I could not help but wonder if it had played a role in my relief. Regardless, between the calm, concentration and cure I was experiencing; I can happily conclude that the addition of fourfive CBD oil to my recovery regime has mitigated my regular bouts of muscle pain. I will be continuing with my current supplementation schedule, and looking forward to less discomfort related to muscle recovery. Let us know what your experience has been with CBD and muscle recovery.

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