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What Are The Benefits Of Doing Yoga On Cannabis?

Yoga on Cannabis

With more states legalizing the use of cannabis for medical purposes, the pairing of Yoga practice with marijuana has gained traction. It has since become a popular subject among yogis and the yoga community.  With yoga as a practice that requires physical and mental focus, more yoga instructors or practitioners are integrating cannabis to achieve a state of mental and physical wholeness or some kind of enlightenment.  The question is, what are the benefits of high yoga or doing yoga on cannabis? Read on to know more. 

The History of High Yoga 

History Of Yoga

According to Yoga history, yoga practitioners have been doing this practice (while stoned) for centuries in various forms. Yogis in the early times are said to consume ‘bhang’, a beverage that is created from the flowers of a cannabis plant, and hashish, which serves as a meditation ritual in their asanas. Historically, it has already been linked to Yoga, but instead of smoking it, people were drinking it. 

The Pros of Doing High Yoga 

Most yogis who have experienced doing high yoga shared that cannabis can help develop a better connection with the mind, body, and spirit. In addition, others say that taking cannabis during yoga can simply help you feel more relaxed and feel lesser pain. 

Relaxed Yoga Pose

Here are some of the benefits of doing yoga on cannabis. 

∙       Supports deeper relaxation 
Relaxed Yoga On Cannabis

Yoga and cannabis help tone down your mind to analyze or plan so you can focus more on sensory experience and emotional engagement. They speak to your parasympathetic nervous system, where your body tells you to rest and digest instead. In short, they heighten your capacity to get out of your head and focus on the present, which leads to reducing your anxiety during the process. 

∙       Offers vital health benefits 
Health Benefits Of Yoga On Cannabis

Various studies show that both offer great medical or health benefits and are tagged as wellness aids, which help reduce stress, chronic pain, inflammation, lower blood pressure, and help get a good night’s sleep. According to researchers, each enhances and compliments the other. 

∙       Increases commitment with the poses 
Focused Yoga On Cannabis

Yoga, when practiced with the integration of cannabis, helps you experience a slower flow with more attentive transitions. Thus, you will have a deeper engagement with the flow and will help you appreciate these poses in a whole new light. 

∙       Strengthens meditation 
Meditate on Cannabis

Most Yoga instructors incorporate an uplifting Sativa-based combination for the active part of the practice and a softer Indica-dominant variant for comfortable savasanas. This will let you enjoy the subtle features of the mind and achieve consciousness. In short, it will help you meditate deeper and longer. 

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Yoga and cannabis are likely to fit naturally.  Doing Yoga while on cannabis offers you considerable benefits for your mind, body, and soul.  Yoga is a very personal practice, so deciding whether to incorporate cannabis is ultimately up to you.  Take into consideration what you know about Yoga and yourself before deciding whether to go ‘high’ or not. 

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1 Comment

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