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The Benefits Of Juicing Marijuana

Like many health and wellness fads, juicing marijuana has become a trend among stoned citizens and for a good reason. There are lots of potential perks and health benefits that come with green juicing. As for marijuana, it’s technically a vegetable and offers many of the same nutrients as other leafy greens. The cannabis plant is loaded with beneficial cannabinoids that are unique to the marijuana plant. Juiced cannabis is a nutritionally dense, very potent medicinal compound, without the psychoactive components normally activated when heating the plant.

What is juicing?

Juicing is extracting and drinking the juice of fresh vegetables, often with the goal of boosting your health or replacing a meal. Vegetables are defined as any plant part consumed for food that is not a fruit or seed but includes mature fruits that are eaten as part of the main meal.

The inventor of cannabis juice

Dr. William L. Courtney is the genius who invented cannabis juice. The avid cannabis activist became a household name when one of his patients who suffered from lupus decided to give the treatment a go. Her many issues and symptoms got better and soon went into remission. Today she leads a normal life.

The benefits of juicing marijuana

Studies show that hemp plants offer an array of health benefits.  When it comes to cannabis juice, most of the benefits are due to the cannabinoids in your plants, such as THC, CBD, CBN and CBG, which is all the rage. Chlorophyll is also incredibly beneficial, as well as terpenes, flavonoids and alkaloids. Marijuana plants also contain a lot of magnesium and proteins. Many of these benefits are thanks to Chlorophyll which can be used on its own thanks to its long list of benefits. The main benefits, however, are thanks to cannabinoids.

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