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Why CBG, A New And Legal Cannabis Plant Product, Is All The Rage

Unfamiliar with CBG? So are we, yet it is suddenly everywhere like CBD, packaged in oils, tinctures, capsules, gum, and in whole-plant flower.

What is CBG and does the Cannabigerol live up to its expectations? That all depends on who you are asking. At first, stoned citizens who keen to experiment and explore the marijuana plant were told cannabis had one active ingredient, THC. Then came wellness influencers and celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow from GOOP, telling you all about the magic of CBD. Their message was clear: CBD is good and THC is bad. despite very little evidence of CBD’s power and THC’s demonstrated potential in pain relief and appetite stimulation.

Where does CBG fit in?

CBG is more untested. Unlike THC, which is banned by federal law and heavily regulated by states, and unlike CBD, which is increasingly policed by the Food and Drug Administration, there are no rules around CBG yet. Because of this, there is growing interest in the commercial use of this unregulated phytocannabinoid.

CBG isn’t new to science, but the new market hype underscores the scientific ignorance. Cannabigerol (CBG) is currently being marketed as a dietary supplement and many claims are being made about its benefits.

Harvested cannabis plants generally offer 1 % CBG content by weight, which begs questions as to how cannabis companies are harvesting enough of it or breeding plants differently to market products boasting of 20 % CBG.

The knowledge gap and scarcity haven’t stopped entrepreneurs from searching for the next economic market, and it appears CBG oil may prove to be that market, according to an expert in cannabinoids.

There is significant potential for very specific pathologies—and that’s how the cannabinoid will be marketed, regardless of concrete results.

Great potential, little actual knowledge, and immense hype: that’s the cannabis industry, and that’s the current bottom line with CBG.

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1 Comment

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