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Cannabis Cocktails Are Fun, Easy To Make At Home And Is A Sure Way To Get Any Party Started

Cannabis Cocktails and Friends

Cannabis legalization is becoming a hot topic around the globe, stoned citizens are less stigmatized against and consuming cannabis could not be easier! Drink your medicine with these cannabis cocktails! 

Cannabis cocktails are a fun way to bring life to the party, but they do come with a warning tag. Grass before beer, in the clear. Beer before grass, on your ass! An old-timey caution meant to persuade stoned citizens to avoid getting high when they have had too much to drink. Cannabis affects everyone’s endocannabinoid system differently, more so when adding booze to the mix. Our golden rule; go low and go slow! Wait at least 45 minutes between medicated beverages.

The amount of cannabis in each of these cocktails are slightly adjustable allowing flexibility in terms of the potency of your elixir. There are a number of ways to infuse cannabis into cocktail ingredients, we explore the realms of cannabis-infused coconut oil, green dragon tinctures and cannabis sugar

The natural flavour of marijuana is distinct and unique, it should be embraced when concocting a cannabis cocktail. It pairs well with hops, basil, mint and matcha to name a few.

Green Dragon Tincture

Make a Cosmic Cosmopolitan by adding Green Dragon Tincture to the classic variant made classic by the luxe ladies from Sex In The City.

Cannabis Sugar

Celebrate the lady of cannabis with this twist on a classic, Mary Jane’s Old Fashioned.

Cannabis-infused Coconut Oil

A handy tip is to keep CBD joints on hand to counteract the psychoactive properties of the THC, if you become fearful of the height at which you find yourself.

Beat and hangover and get your greens in at the same time with our ultimate Bloody Mary Jane!



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