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How To Carve A Pipe From Everyday Fruits And Vegetables

Photo by Mathis Jrdl on Unsplash
Photo by Mathis Jrdl on Unsplash

Many stoned citizens have been stuck without rolling papers, a pipe or bong. What does one do now? Look no further than the fresh produce shelf! Once you have conquered carving crops for cannabis consumption you are sure to be a hero with your new party trick. It is a great conversation starter, tastes delicious and needs no cleaning – simply work it into your compost when you are done!

A few household items act as the only tools required to take on most fruits or vegetables and turn them into a work of smokeable art! There are a few options in terms of the type of smoking devices to chisel from your crop. You may choose to use a pipe screen, coiled paper clip or aluminium foil to line the bowl and keep residue at bay, remember to poke a few holes in the foil with a toothpick. It is worth mentioning the fumes of aluminium foil, heated with a direct flame, may contain harmful carcinogens and pose a serious health risk.

Here are four smoking devices you could carve from fresh fruits and veggies.


A one-hitter is a small pocket-size pipe used to smoke a single hit of cannabis, it is discreet and a great way to get stoned when you are running low on bud. They are generally made from glass, metal or ceramic. Hitting it is simple; pack a small amount of ground cannabis flower in the one end, light and inhale from the other end.

Make a DIY one-hitter using a Jalapeno: 

Jalapeno One-hitter by Stoned Citizen
Jalapeno One-hitter by Stoned Citizen
  1. Top and tail the pepper with a knife as indicated by the dashed-lines.
  2. Check to see there is sufficient airflow when blowing on the open tail-end.
  3. Load the top end with a small amount of ground cannabis, light it and inhale!
  4. The Jalapeno will be good for half a dozen hits. 


Pipes are the most recognizable smoke devices, they are popular for consuming cannabis because they are easy to use, affordable and come in a huge variety of shapes, colours and styles. A pipe consists of a bowl, where the ground flower goes, and a stem with a mouthpiece. Some pipes do not have a Carb hole, but these are great for regulating airflow.

Produce a pipe with an apple, cucumber, orange, potato or an aubergine 

  1. Cut the produce along the indicated dashed-line to make the bowl that will hold the weed.
  2. Using a screwdriver or a metal drink straw make the airflow channels as indicated.
  3. Pack with ground cannabis.
  4. Use the end closer to the bowl as a carb, spark up and inhale.


Water pipes, known as Bongs, are filtration devices for smoking ganja. A bong can be made from any material that is fairly water- and air-tight; by adding a bowl attached to a down-stem and an optional mouth piece. Most bongs have a carb or choke, which allows for fresh air to flow through the bong and clear out any stale smoke left in the chamber from a previous hit.

The smoke will be dragged from the bowl, through the down-stem and percolate through the water. The water cools the smoke to deliver a smoother smoking experience, as well as remove carcinogens and other toxicants produced by burning bud. Although the exact origin of the water pipe is tricky to pinpoint, it is said the name is derived from the Thai word ‘baung’, which is the name for a bamboo tube bong.

Make your own bong using a melon, watermelon or a pineapple:

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  1. Cut the produce along the indicated dashed line to make the bowl that will hold the weed.
  2. Hull out the flesh with a spoon as indicated by the dotted circle area, be careful of damaging the outer walls.
  3. Using a screwdriver or a metal drink straw make the airflow channels as indicated.
  4. Insert the bowl attached to a downstem and fill the vessel ⅓ with water.
  5. if you are using mouthpiece now is a good time to put it in – make sure it is not submerged in the water inside the vessel.  
  6. Pin the top to the main vessel using two toothpicks.
  7. Pack the bowl with ground ganja, light it up and inhale.


A chillum is a straight conical pipe similar to a one-hitter but bigger. They are traditionally made from stone, wood or clay; and have been around since the 18th-century. Back in the day stones were inserted in clay pipes to stop the debris from getting into the smoker’s mouth. Chillums are cost-effective, reliable, portable and discreet.

Make your own Chillum with zucchini, carrot or a cucumber (fashioned slightly differently to the cucumber pipe above).

  1. Cut the produce along the indicated dashed-lines to make the bowl that will hold the weed.
  2. Using a screwdriver or a metal drink straw make the airflow channels as indicated.
  3. Pack with ground cannabis and light it up while inhaling.



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