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Getting Baked On Cannabis Cookies

Gone are the days where making a pot brownie meant crushing some herb into your cookie batter. That slowboat has sailed even long before Martha and Snoop showed viewers the rope on how to get baked.

Today’s marijuana edibles are much more potent than the weed brownies of yesteryear and available in every form imaginable. Decades ago, a typical bud of marijuana might contain 2 or 3 % THC. Today, the THC in a raw bud of weed sits anywhere between 12 and 25 %, according to experts in the field. The standard dose is considered to be 10 milligrams, but newbies should start with 5 milligrams for the best chance at a good time.

Because the THC is digested instead of inhaled, it can take up to two hours for the edible to kick in. Impatient users might be tempted to eat another one to start feeling the psychoactive effects, but this is a really bad idea. From intense hallucinations to hyperventilation and violent illness, overindulging is dangerous. Cannabis edibles CAN totally mess you up and you don’t want to go there!

If you are chasing an instant and more predictable high, rather smoking a joint or better yet, carve your own bong out of fruit and vegetables.

There’s a reason behind the saying “get ready for the ride”, so a good rule of thumb is to start small, be patient and enjoy the trip!

Keen to get high on your own supply, give this dope dagga brownie recipe a try.

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