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ViceRays Creates The World’s First Sunglasses With Built-In Joint Chambers

ViceRays Sunglasses with Hidden Storage

We have the scoop on an awesome new fashion trend for stoned citizens! These stealthy stylish sunglasses have joint chambers in the arms, discreetly protecting your joints and making you look super cool doing it. ViceRays’ shades are fashionable and practical and are sure to be the best party trick your friends have seen in a while!

ViceRays is a vibe

ViceRays has a range of quality sunglasses that offer stoners a stress-free and discreet joint storage solution. Whether you are hiking, chilling on the beach, stepp-ing at a music festival or holding on for dear life while being dragged behind a speedboat; these shades aim to enhance your experiences. 

ViceRays On Land and on Water


The company was established in 2018 by a group of stoners from Chicago. They set out to design a pair of sunglasses that would be durable enough to keep up with their active lifestyles and showcase their love for the holy herb. The result? A pair of stylish sunglasses with stealthy joint chambers. The company slogan says it all – Made to ride.


ViceRays sunglasses are manufactured from TR-90, a thermoplastic material that floats on water, is incredibly durable and lightweight. The material is also flexible which means ViceRays sunglasses are extremely comfortable and naturally contour to your face. The shades are unisex and made in only one size, which should fit a small to medium face.

ViceRays has a secure locking clip on each of the removable arms that are airtight to shield any odours wafting off your weed. You simply remove the sunglass arms, slip in your pre-rolled joints and hit the road! The compartments each take one joint that is the length and width of a rolled up dollar bill, weighing no more than 0.5g each. 

Stylish And Stealthy Stoner

All ViceRays sunglasses are fitted with polycarbonate lenses that are shatter-resistant and provide up to UV 400 protection for stealthy stoners. 

Take a look at the official ViceRays tutorial video to wrap your head around this amazing fashion statement with a hidden secret:


We had no choice but to choose our favourite pairs of ViceRays, take a look at our picks for the most stylish and stealthiest sunnies for stoned citizens.

ViceRays Tortoise Sunglasses

The ViceRays Tortoise is a square-shaped pair of tortoise shell sunglasses that are durable and have polycarbonate shatter-resistant lenses. 

ViceRays Moon Rock Black

The rounded frame on the ViceRays Moon Rock Matte is a black matte that fades into a smoky crystal. 

ViceRays Day Tripper

ViceRays Day Tripper is the newest addition to the ViceRays family, the matte black frame has a rounded shape. 

ViceRays is situated in the USA, they discreetly deliver to stoners in most countries all over the world. Each pair of ViceRays are delivered with a microfiber travel pouch and an assortment of ViceRays stickers. 

A stoned citizen named Steve had this to say about his purchase: “These shades are amazing. Not only do they store the goods but they look great! They are perfect for beach and water sports as well since they float. I’ve seen countless shades fall to the bottom and feel very relieved these pop right up. These are a must have!!”.

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