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Why All Stoners Worth Their Bud Should Know What Sinsemilla Mean

If you are into cannabis cultivation and an avid grower of ganja, we bet you know what Sinsemilla means. For those out-of-the-know, it’s high time to read on and find out what the word means.

 Sinsemilla comes from the Spanish words sin (without) and semilla (seed), translating literally to “without seeds”. Some might argue that Sinsemilla refers to a specific strain, subtype, or geographic location, but they would be wrong.

The word is simply used to describe seedless cannabis flowers that come from unfertilised female plants.

Those who’ve smoked some epic bud before will know that weed without seeds is dope AF. Seedless marjijuana is more potent, tastes better, and is simply of overall higher quality. Any podhead worth his spliff will be quick to tune you that weed with tons of seeds are of poor quality.

Why does shitty weed have seeds in it?

All marijuana that you buy or grow will have seeds. Weed with a bunch of seeds is called ‘stress weed’. It’s highly likely that the plant was exposed to nasty elements that interfered with its growing process.

When a plant becomes stressed, it thinks it is gonna die. Believing it’s at death’s door, the plant starts producing male flowers and pollinates itself.

It certainly gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “go f$ck yourself” because that is literally what the plant is doing. Once this happens, your THC production goes down the drain. The cannabis flowers stop producing resin and start producing seeds.

Long story short, if you find weed with a single seed, keep it safe until you find the time to germinate, grow and nurture it into the dopest pot plant you will ever smoke.

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