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Workaholics – The Top 10 Episodes To Binge Watch This Workaholics Day

Workaholics - The Top 10 Episodes To Binge Watch This Workaholics Day

Happy Workaholics day! A US national day that is annually observed on July 5. The day serves to bring awareness about overworking and promote living a balanced work and personal life. A cause we can definitely get behind! Whatever you do, you must make sure to take care of yourself first.

A workaholic is a compulsive worker, a person who feels compelled to work, even at the expense of sleep, their well-being or relationships with family and friends. They put work before almost everything else. These people are at risk of working themselves to death, a global phenomenon that is widespread in parts of Asia. Karoshi is a Japanese term related to occupational sudden mortality, it translates to “overwork death”. A terrible fate to befall someone who worked so hard.

If you think you or somebody you know may be a workaholic. Immediately take the day off, REST and make a resolution to better achieve balance. Spend time engaging in fun activities with the people you care about; investing in your personal life will make you happier, healthier and ultimately more productive. 

If you love weed as much as we do, Workaholics is a must-watch series to add to your watch list. We made a list of our favourite episodes for you to enjoy.


Workaholics is an American sitcom with a total of 86 episodes over seven seasons, that ran on Comedy Central from April 2011 to March 2017. The series follows the misadventures of three best friends who do everything together. They live together, party together and even work together at a telemarketing firm called TelAmeriCorp. 

Anders, Adam and Blake are by far our favourite workaholics. Adam, played by Adam DeVine, is an attention-seeking visionary and by far the most outrageous character. His answer to almost any situation is to “smoke weed about it”. Blake Anderson plays the character of Blake; a long, curly-haired hippie who always tries to act tough, even though he has a bit of a micro-dick complex. Anders, aka Ders, is played by Anders Holm. He is a little older and wiser than his friends, he tends to be more professional and is known to be a bit bossy at times. Other notable characters include the Boss; Alice, and the boy’s weed dealer; Kyle. 

The perfect Workaholics Day celebration includes getting the gang together, making some stoner snacks like Pizza Popcorn, Baguette Pizzas or anything with bacon; and binge-watching The Top 10 Episodes of Workaholics.


#10 OLD MAN DERS – S2 E5

Workaholics – Old Man Ders – S2 E5 was first aired on October 18, 2011. The episode is set around Anders’ 25th birthday celebration. Blake and Adam bring Ders a special breakfast in bed to kick off the planned festivities. Instead of feeling jovial about commemorating his silver birthday jubilee, he grapples with his impending mortality as he stands on the cusp of being a quarter of a century old. 

The annually observed booze-a-thon is well on its way when the gang starts noticing Ders’ tolerance towards alcohol is nowhere near what it used to be. Determined to shake the newly obtained “Old Man” image along with the accompanying ridicule from his best friends; Anders decides to fully submerge himself in the unfledged youth culture of the day. His newly created juvenile persona is fun-loving, more outgoing and knows exactly how to party. The debaucherous Ders makes a few questionable decisions that land him in some hot water, but he doesn’t care! After all, today is his birthday and he is going to do whatever he wants to do!

#9 TACTONA 420 – S7 E7

The main theme in Workaholics – Tactona 420 – S7 E7 sees the TelAmeriCorp employees go head on head for exclusive rights to sell a new range of remote-controlled toy cars. The threesome put their friendship to the ultimate test during this episode, which first aired on 22 February 2017. Persuaded by the prospects, the trio plot an elaborate plan to dominate the top of the contenders’ list by working together. 

Taking the competition way too seriously, the unity is short-lived as the competitive rivalry amongst friends causes tension to build between them. Their plans quickly change when the short-sighted bunch allow pride to get in the way of their success. Neither Anders nor Adam are willing to admit that Blake is in fact the better remote-controlled vehicle operator. Refusing to see the value of their strengths as a group, the trio falls apart and each friend starts their individual journey to prepare for race day. Left to their own devices, Ders gets scammed out of a skills exchange agreement by Bill, Adam contemplates sabotage and Blake tries to make sense of their friendship dynamic. Thanks in part to isolation, and doing some serious soul searching, the balance has been restored and the three musketeers ride together again. 


In Workaholics – The Strike – S1 E6, which aired 11 May 2011; the gang requests time off to celebrate the halfway mark to Christmas on June 25.  Alison disallows the guys to observe their Half-Christmas holiday and orders them to take down their decorations. This causes them to incite a walkout because nobody disrespects Half Christmas

On top of training the new recruits hired to replace Adam and Blake, as their strike is not union-backed, Ders has to stand in for Alice’s PA. Ders is eventually left to run the entire office when the rest of the staff join Adam and Blake in their protest. After Ders finds out that the company deliberately and illegally harasses people who are on the “do not call” list, he moves to side with the rest of the strikers. Alice is eventually forced to give the employees two paid vacation days a year and allow them to annually celebrate Half Christmas with a party. 


The boys are acquainted with Alice’s austere father; Ted, in Workaholics – Weed The People – S7 E2, which aired on 18 Jan 2017. Alice promises to sell her inventor father’s product and the trio immediately prophesy the prosperity of the novelty item. She introduces Adam as her fiance in an attempt to appease her grandchild-less father. True to form, Adam takes the role way too seriously and goes as far as to accept an heirloom engagement ring. 

When the guys fail to sell a single whistle they rope in their weed dealer; Karl, who suggests they include a little something extra to sweeten the deal. The team offer their customers a banky of weed as an incentive and the sales start rolling in. Things change when Karl’s supplier attempts to extort them, Alice learns about the illegally incentivised whistle sales, and Ted smells a rat. As it turns out Ted is not to be messed with; the jig is up and the boys are forced to come clean.

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#6 HIGH ART – S3 E16

First aired on 20 February 2013; Workaholics – High Art – S3 E16 sees the gang trying to become rich inventors. They attend the grand opening event of a new club that is owned by an old college classmate and they are instantly motivated to achieve success.

Ders and Adam are determined to make themselves more sellable by upgrading their appearance, while Blake refuses to conform and embrace his authenticity. Adam laughs off Blake’s idea for an unburnable flag and the gang splits up. Blake decides to surround himself with like-minded people, so he joins a teenage art collective with Karl. Extreme consequences ensue when Ders and Adam pitch the unburnable flag idea to an old buddy.


The house needs to be fumigated because of a cockroach infestation and the guys have nowhere to go. Workaholics – Office Cape Out – S1 E3, aired 20 April 2011, sees the guys forced to have a sleepover at the office. 

The friends decided to make the most of their office camp out by taking magic mushrooms. However, the fun gets cut short when burglars break into the premises. After a short-lived investigation, the trio discovers that the perceived intruders were in fact tech support staff. They share their psychedelics with the tech staff and the party continues.

#4 DORM DAZE – S5 E1

In an attempt to recruit college students as interns for TelAmeriCorp, the guys go back to college In Workaholics – Dorm Daze – S5 E1, aired on 14 January 2015. Alice puts Ders in charge of assembling a team to promote the company at a local college job fair. Ders is eager to prove himself to Alice, he is worried his two best friends might not do such a good job. After nobody else is interested, Ders reluctantly settles on Adam and Blake. As he predicted, Ders is left to do the actual work.

Adam quickly realizes they are at the home of his favourite pornographic web series; he goes on a  journey to locate the room where most of his porn scenes are filmed. After he happens upon a Women’s Study class he finds himself grappling with the true meaning of pornography. Blake sneaks into a theatre audition to perform a heartfelt monologue and ends up on a porn movie set experiencing performance anxiety. Ders, on the other hand, finds himself evading the Coast Guard after he causes trouble with them at the job fair.

#3 PISS & S**T – S1 E1

The very first episode of Workaholics aired on 6 April 2011! In Workaholics – Piss & S**t – S1 E1 Ders gets pranked, by Adam and Blake, into sending everyone a nude picture of himself. Ders resorts to getting High to deal with his embarrassment and a drug-fueled party ensues. 

The trio was still hungover and reeling from the night before when they were made aware of an upcoming drug test. Considering their most recent history, they go on a journey to figure out the best way to pass a drug test. When over-the-counter medication doesn’t work out, the boys first consider bribery and then even sabotage to pass the upcoming company drug test.

#2 REAL TIME – S3 E8

The guys have to beat Alice to work in Workaholics – Real Time – S3 E8, aired 17 July 2012. After a night of heavy drinking, the gang realize they left a string of angry voicemail messages for Alice on her work phone. They set out to get to the office before Alice does, so they could delete the messages before she finds them. But they are too drunk!

They decide to continue drinking, if they stayed drunk they would not have to deal with the hangover! Not able to drive, the gang gets on a bus. Adam yells out: “There is a bomb on the bus” and the spoof of the film Speed becomes apparent, especially once you notice the driver is the same actor from the movie.

#1 Business Trip – S3 E1

Workaholics – The Business Trip – S3 E1 was aired on 29 May 2012. It is my favourite episode and with a rating of 9.1/10, it is the highest-rated episode on IMDb. The team plan their first Acid trip, while they are acid-proofing their house Anders gets called to go on a business trip with Alice. 

Determined to stick to the plan to take LSD, Blake and Adam decide to tag along. They are later met by Ders, Alice and the client, who is known as “The Barracuda”; and convinces them to partake in the Acid trip. Everyone experiences the psychedelic drug differently throughout the hotel. Karl hooks up with The Barracuda and convinces her to sign a contract with TelAmericaCorp.

Workaholics is a binge-worthy series with many memorable moments, once you have worked through the seven seasons you can decide for yourself which are your favourite! 

Some other work-related shows we enjoy watching (again and again) include Superstore, Brooklyn Nine-nine, 30 Rock, Scrubs, Parks and Recreations, and The Office.

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