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Donut Day – Celebrating The Doughy Deliciousness Of Doughnuts!

Happy Donut Day

Donut Day, a day to celebrate the deeply delicious dough creation!. Doughnuts come in many different shapes and sizes, they could be filled with fruits or cream and drenched in a sweet sugar glaze or melted chocolate. The most common variations of the sweetened dough delight is ring-shaped, fried and covered in a sweet confectioner sugar glaze. Koe’sisters, a proudly South African doughnut with Cape Malay origins, are made by boiling spiced dough in sticky syrup and sprinkling them with desiccated coconut. World Koe’sister Day is celebrated annually on the first Sunday in September. 


National Donut Day

National Donut Day is an American National day, annually celebrated on the first Friday in June. Donut Day started out as a project for the Salvation Army in 1938, a bunch of volunteers were determined to raise funds during the Great Depression and pay tribute to the Salvation Army ‘Lassies’. The Doughnut Dollies, as they are also known, served doughnuts to soldiers during the First World War. 

On Donut Day citizens the world over; pay tribute by indulging in the many variations of doughnuts. Many chain stores run doughnut inspired promotions and giveaways. For instance; Krispy Kreme will give you one free doughnut for National Donut Day and another if you can prove you have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. 

Free Doughnuts

Citizens love them so much, they have a bunch of notable annual Nasional days to celebrate the doughy deliciousness of doughnuts. National Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day on June 8, National Cream-Filled Doughnut Day on September 14, and National Buy a Doughnut Day on October 30.


The Mint Dispensary is celebrating this National Donut Day by offering stoned citizens in Arizona a once-in-a-lifetime super doughnut with enough THC to take you to the moon and back. The Homer Simpson Donut is 25 cm wide, 12 cm tall and weighs in at a whopping 2.7 kg. The $150 mega donut is drenched in a cannabis-infused strawberry glaze that contains 3000mg THC and topped with rainbow sprinkles. To put that figure into perspective, most edibles recipes recommend between 50 and 70mg THC per serving. That is enough doughnut for at least 40 stoners! 

The Mint Dispensary

Raul Molina, co-owner of The Mint says; “We put the medicine in the frosting. And we’ll probably slide them through the pizza oven to give them a little texture and warmth before we serve it. The frosting takes it [the THC] well. It grabs the full-spectrum oil nicely.”

The Mint, founded in 2016, is an affordable, patient-centric cannabis dispensary with the largest medical marijuana facility in the state of Arizona. The full-service kitchen offers a wide array of medicated marijuana munchies to address the needs of patients with illnesses like cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease

National Doughnut Day

How did you spend Donut Day? Perhaps you have a fresh craving for some easy-to-make Dopey Doughnut Holes? It’s our pleasure!

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