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Gift Ideas For Ganja Growers – A Comprehensive List Of Pot Related Presents For Stoned Citizens

Gift Ideas For Ganja Growers

Ever find yourself trying to figure out what gift to get and where to get it? What do you buy a stoner who might seem to be pretty opinionated about their preferences? Where do you find something unique for the enthusiast who seems to have it all? Selecting a gift for someone, stoned or not, can easily become a very daunting task. Whether the gift is for a birthday, housewarming or simply just because; I saw this and thought of you, we have made a list of gift ideas for that special ganja grower and stoned citizens alike. 

Cannabis cultivation and consumption for responsible, and private, adult use has been legalized in South Africa. The official Marijuana Masterplan is currently being finalized by regulators and lawmakers. The legalization, or decriminalization, of cannabis around the world, has played a major role in eradicating the stigma that has long cast a hypercritical shadow over stoned citizens. 

The global Covid-19 pandemic has motivated individuals and households to invest the time, capital and energy in cultivating cannabis for home use. You never know, your ganja gift may just be the motivation the giftee needs to consider cannabis cultivation. We have itemized cannabis commodities from some of our favourite designers, brands and stores from around the world.  

Here is our list of gifts for pot plant parents and avid aficionados of the holy herb.


Plant Gift

Every hobby needs to start somewhere, send your stoner loved one on the journey from seed to smoke by giving the gift of life. Companies like A Pot For Pot and Just Cannabis have complete grow kits available that are perfect for first-time growers or individuals who want to learn more about cannabis cultivation. Their ganja grower bundles include everything one might need, like planters, grow-medium and nutrients; including a simple-to-follow grow guide.  

You may also consider adding a specific or collectable strain to an already established grower’s cannabis crop. Sangoma Seeds, Groen Seeds and The High Co have a wide variety of cannabis strains seeds available that have been genetically modified to guarantee the seeds will pop and start flowering when the time comes.


Ceramic Planters

Planters, plant stands or plant hangers make perfect gifts ideas for cannabis cultivators, especially for established or urban growers. Artisanal potters and bespoke designers create beautiful and functional statement pieces that are perfect for interior focussed pot plant parents. These items are generally available from your neighbourhood garden centre, but these are speciality e-commerce websites like Plantify; which stocks a wide range of planters, accessories and supplies.


Ganja Grower Gadget

A ganja grower relies on certain tools and gadgets to offer their plant children the perfect growing conditions and maintain their wellbeing. From lighting to gardening toolsets and all-in-one kits with everything one might need at harvest time. You might have to do some investigating to figure out what gadgets your loved one needs or wants to add to their cultivation collection. For the authentic agriculturalist, perhaps a pair of Kaneshin carbon steel trimming scissors, reusable ganja gardening markers or a nice-looking watering can that could double as a decorative piece when the occasion arises?


Ganja Grower Device

One of the most frustrating issues home growers face is not always being around to monitor their plant children. SASH has created an IoT controller that manages up to six devices, think irrigation, lighting and fresh air flow; from an application on your smartphone. The device makes decisions based on predefined rules by monitoring the temperature and humidity. 

Make life easier for the novice plant parent in your life with an automatic drip irrigation system. This device determines the moisture level in the grow medium and automatically waters the pot plants as it is needed.


Ganja Growers Bible

Knowledge is power! There is a whole range of textbooks, how-to guides and high-gloss picture books available that cover everything you need to know about cannabis, its cultivation and its many, MANY benefits. 

Cannabis 101 is a deep dive into cannabis and a must-have for anybody! This book takes a look at the history of cannabis and the current trend of legalization around the world, the emerging “green rush” industry and the aftermath left by the war on drugs. The medicinal benefits of cannabis are also discussed in great detail along with the many advantages of industrial hemp cultivation. The author is focused on restoring the place of cannabis in society, as a lifestyle and wellness supplement, a recreational substance and as a natural medicine

Whether you’re new to cannabis and want to familiarize yourself with the basics, or an avid ganja grower wanting to sharpen your existing skills and techniques; Grow Your Own is packed with information to set up your grow, raise your plant children and reap the rewards when harvesting and enjoying your flower. 

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Hobbyist! Grow your very own bonsai inspired cannabis plant with the help of Cannabonsai: A Beginners Guide! A full step-by-step instruction guide to growing auto-flowering pot plants into Bonsai like creations. You need absolutely no previous experience to deliver up to 10g of smokable flower within 15 weeks.


Eat Edibles

Once you have harvested and cured cannabis, what is the next step? An impossibly long list of possibilities, most of which starts with extracting all of the cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes from raw pot plant material.

The Levo II is an appliance that dries and decarboxylates your cannabis flowers and then infuses the activated cannabis goodness into butter or oils. This device has customizable settings with precise temperature sensors that streamlines stoner herb infusions. The Levo range is currently only available in the United States. 

Designed for infusing the essence of the holy herb into butter, oils, AND alcohol and topicals, the MagicalButter machine is the perfect appliance for creating fantastic cannabis-infused oils, tinctures and topicals. 

The Ardent FX is literally the adult version of an Easy Bake Oven, an all-in-one portable cannabis kitchen! This device activates, infuses, melts and BAKES a variety of dishes all at the touch of a button.


Edibles Recipe

A recipe book makes such a lovely gift, it even doubles as a coffee table book. Edibles recipe books are collections of methodologies for marijuana-infused munchies. The recipes are tried and tested by stoned citizens, for stoned citizens. 

The Official High Times Cookbook is a classic collectable for cannabis cooks, with contributions from Snoop Dogg, Cheech & Chong and Willie Nelson. It is a definitive guide to cooking with cannabis and includes recipes for delicious marijuana meals, stoner sweets and cannabis cocktails; all paired with delectable colour photos of the creations. 

Celebrate the art of cannabis-infused cooking with Bong Appetit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed. This recipe book is based on the popular Munchies and Viceland television series; Bong Appetit. It is filled with ‘high’-end recipes for sweets, savoury dishes and cocktails. The book also includes a dosage chart, suggestions for pairing flavours with cannabis strains, touches on marijuana politics and educates on the science behind infusions.


Happy Hippie

Hash has been around for thousands of years, check out this in-depth look at what exactly Hash is, where it comes from and how to make your own at home

Most stoned citizens who have had their hand at hash making would recommend the ice water method for making DIY hash. Happy Hippie Bags are constructed with the best materials and heavy-duty stitching. Using only ice, water and cannabis flower, leaves and trim; one can create high-quality extracts with no contaminants.


Grinder Gifts

Most stoned citizens have their preferred, tried and tested methods of grinding their ganja. Some prefer using coffee or spice grinders, others find joy in cutting up their cannabis with a knife on a chopping board. One thing is for sure, few individuals are as crafty as a stoner who would like to crush cannabis without a grinder. 

Grinders come in all different shapes, sizes and are made from a variety of materials with specific blade and chamber designs. Make the most of your marijuana with a grinder, whether you are rolling up, loading a bowl or dry vape, or prepare to get cooking with cannabis. 

The Tectonic9 is a manual marijuana grinder with an electric vibrating dispenser, it dispenses perfectly ground weed at the touch of a button and has a long-lasting rechargeable battery. This crusher boasts diamond shaped grinding teeth that guarantee a smooth and fluffy grind every time. 

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The Banana Bros’ OTTO is an electric weed grinder and joint roller, which makes it a great gift for those who have never rolled a joint before. The clever technology behind the OTTO automatically adjusts the pressure, speed and direction of the milling blades; all to the texture and consistency of the cannabis at hand. It comes with unbleached organic paper cones that fit into the lower chamber. Simply load your dried cannabis flower into the grinding chamber, press the button and watch in amazement as the pre-rolled cone fills with ground ganja! 

Perhaps you would consider a more personalized pot grinder for your loved one. Something that will remind them of you, or an experience you share! A ceremonial cannabis crusher could be Rick and Morty or Angry Birds themed, it could be a contraption you made or personalized, or even be the loudest and most luxurious grinder that has been designed for the rich and famous. We think the Liv grinder is a beautiful and functional statement piece!

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